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Super Chill at Hummingbird Hill
the place

Hummingbird Hill is actually on a hill... and well, the hummingbirds love it here almost as much as we do! 

This amazing property encompasses a pretty big house that happens to have a nicely sized yoga/workshop space over the garage. It's a lovely airy space with a sweet vibe. These secluded 10 acres also includes a separate building that houses a 3000sq.ft. professional recording studio (GDPonderRosa Studios), which among its rooms includes a huge "live" room, which is great for recording and all kinds of cool events.

Oh, did we mention the gorgeous apartment above the studio? It's got two bedrooms tricked out to comfortably sleep 2 - 3 people each bedroom. There's one bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen, and of course a great living room. 

But wait! There's more! We also have some happy chickens that provide tasty organic eggs and a huge organic garden that also provides a bounty in the growing season (and we try to freeze and can and save goodies).

the people

Megan McWilliams Bouchard is a digital media producer and host; event producer; lifetime foodie and healthy/natural living nut; and spiritual seeker. She's been attending, facilitating and curating workshops and retreats for 30+ years. Including a really fun annual creative playdate/ vision board workshop conducting with spiritual cohort, Julie Bond Genovese. These two also do a great podcast about their many spiritual adventures over the years (GD Spirit Pub). 

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